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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Anthem Arizona

Remove Painful or Broken Teeth with Extractions

Teeth can sometimes become damaged or decayed to the point they need to be removed through extractions. This is a procedure in which the patient is given local anesthesia in order to numb the entire area around the tooth that is to be extracted. Anesthesia is given in the form of a shot as close to the base of the tooth as possible, as well as in other sections of the mouth. When the patient is completely numb, the tooth is extracted. In some cases, mild dental surgery is necessary to remove broken shards of the tooth from the gum or jaw. Extractions can be completed in one visit, but have to be scheduled ahead of time in order to prepare for the procedure.


When Would You Need an Extraction?

Extractions are necessary to protect the overall health of your mouth. Decaying teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to start decaying as well. If left untreated, broken or decaying teeth can lead to extensive tooth loss and oral pain that will affect every aspect of your life. Extractions are necessary to prepare the mouth for such procedures as bridges and implants. By removing the dead or dying tooth, the gums can be treated and the mouth can heal as other dental procedures are utilized.

Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

smile-older-manWhen you have an extraction, you can get rid of the pain you are experiencing from your tooth. Additionally, if the tooth is broken, it can be replaced with a bridge or implant to restore the appearance of your smile. The pain of an extraction is managed through anesthesia during the procedure, as well as through medication afterwards, to make it as comfortable as possible. The biggest benefit of extractions is to your dental and overall health by removing a problem that can impact many aspects of your life. Once completed, you have options to restore and even improve the overall appearance of your smile for years to come.

Dr. Darren Flowers is the Best Choice for Tooth Extractions in Anthem, AZ

Because extractions are no fun, it is important to have the procedure completed by a professional like Dr. Darren Flowers in Anthem, Ariz. His commitment to your comfort and health means your extraction will result in the least amount of pain and discomfort possible. As a Doctor of Dental Medicine who graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1995, Dr. Darren Flowers has dedicated his professional life to providing the best in dental care for his patients. He and his staff understand your dislike of extractions and want to make sure you can get through the procedure as quickly and as painlessly as possible. You will be informed about what is happening and why it is happening. You will also be given options about how you can move forward with restoring the beauty and health of your smile. Through his expert assistance and experience providing these kinds of procedures, it is possible for you to the best in dental care for both your regular family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry needs.

Flowers Dentistry - Tooth Extractions in Anthem, AZ
Flowers Dentistry - Tooth Extractions in Anthem, AZ

Are you looking for tooth extractions in Anthem AZ? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our tooth extractions. Dr. Flowers does amazing extractions.

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