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Things You Do At Work That Can Damage Your Teeth

There are many things you could be doing at work that can cause some serious damage to your teeth, and chances are, you do these things without even a second thought.  Here are just a few of the things you need to avoid doing.


Never use your teeth as a tool

Do you use your teeth to hold pins in your mouth?  Perhaps you get in a hurry at times and use your teeth to open a package or tear off a piece of tape?  You should never do any of these things as these actions can chip away at your enamel or risk breaking teeth.  Use scissors and other tools, and never use your teeth when there are tools that can do a better and safer job.

Chew on pens and pencils?

This is a nervous habit that many people do without even thinking about it.  You should avoid this habit because it can cause your tooth enamel to become chipped, and can even result in broken teeth in extreme cases.  Instead of chewing on a pen or pencil, snack on foods such as a carrot or stick of celery until you break this unhealthy habit.

That cup of coffee that lasts all day long

It is so easy for so many people to nurse along a latte or cup of coffee all day long at work.  Chances are, you do it everyday not because you love coffee that much, but because it is an ingrained habit you have done for years.  This habit will dry out your mouth, and that can lead directly to cavities as well as bad breath.  In addition, it can stain your teeth.  Instead of coffee, drink e green tea if you need that boost of caffeine.  If you just cannot live without that daily cup of java, skip the sugar and drink a glass of water after your coffee.

Taking smoke breaks

It matters not if you have put down tobacco for an e-cigarette, the risk to you is still present.  If you still smoke tobacco, you increase your chances of lung cancer, oral health problems including cancer, and loss of your teeth.  If you need help quitting, set an appointment with your doctor as there are new medications that can help you to quit.

Leaving the toothbrush at home

Most people eat a meal at work, so why would you not brush your teeth just like you would at home?  Plaque does not wait to start forming on your teeth until you get home, it starts right away.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of.  So keep a toothbrush and some floss at work with you to brush after meals.

It is hard to break habits, and you should know dental health is related to overall health.  At Darren Flowers DMD, we boast a great staff that can take care of all your dental needs.  Visit our website or call today to set an appointment.

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