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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Anthem, Arizona

smile-man2Restorative dentistry is a field which involves the prevention and cure of diseases affecting your teeth in order to bring back or restore their best health. It also covers the process of repairing and replacing defective or damaged teeth. The field also encompasses the process of diagnosing problems relevant to the function and health of your smile including the repair and treatment of infected, damaged and broken gums, tissues and teeth. It is extremely useful for patients who need dental and oral tissues restoration. Below are just few of the many procedures executed under the restorative dentistry field:

1. Composite Dental Filling

This restorative dental procedure involves the execution of a minimally invasive and relatively small process. However, one should remember that the completion of the whole process can make a huge and positive difference in the look of his smile as well as his overall dental health. Composite fillings comprise of a combination of composite and glass materials. These are materials blended, with your tooth, to produce a naturally looking restoration. The composite fillings can be directly bonded into your tooth’s surface. This requires minimal preparation and helps in creating a healthy and reliable tooth structure inside the filling.

2. Denture

Dentures are well-crafted as a means of matching the unique personality and smile of different patients. The most modern dentures come with a natural look. They serve as non-surgical replacements for at least one missing tooth. Usually created with the help of ceramic material, partial and full dentures are ideal for those who are searching for a non-invasive solution when it comes to dealing with the loss of their tooth. It makes use of a firmly connected bridge into your natural tooth structure. This bridge securely and comfortably holds the dentures on their right place.

3. Dental Implant

DenturesThis restorative dentistry procedure is the most comfortable and secure tooth replacement solution available to the public. The implants are beneficial because of their ability to anchor dentures, bridges and artificial crowns permanently into your jawbone. It features a 3-part structure comprising of a metal ball, rubber O-ring and titanium rod which is the implant, itself. The dental implant procedure usually takes approximately one to two hours. This can benefit patients who wish to improve their confidence when speaking, laughing or eating and boost the health of their dental bones and gums.

4. Full Mouth Reconstruction

This procedure is ideal for patients who have severe or multiple dental problems. A dentist specializing in restorative dentistry will carefully assess your problem, and after doing a careful diagnosis, this dental professional will combine various dental procedures and products like dentures and implants to restore the beauty of your smile completely. Most of those who undergo this treatment notice a great improvement in their confidence because it restores the function and health of their teeth as well as enhance their smiles.

5. Crown

Crown refers to a casing created with the help of either ceramic or porcelain. Your chosen restorative dentist will secure the crown around a weakened or damaged tooth by performing an endodontic procedure such as root canal. The creation of the crown usually takes place by producing a mold of your damaged tooth. The created mold helps in creating a cap cemented over the damaged tooth. This helps in restoring its naturally attractive look and structural integrity.

Poor dental health can have a drastic impact in your life. This usually results to difficulty and discomfort when it comes to talking, chewing, smiling and laughing. This often leads to self-consciousness and a low self-confidence. Fortunately, restorative dentistry procedures are now around to improve the appearance and bring back the proper functions of your damaged teeth. It is also useful in the replacement of a missing tooth, thereby offering an aid in gaining back your beautiful smile and confidence.

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