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Porcelain Veneers

Enhance Your Smile with Beautiful Veneers

porcelain veneersIf you have teeth that do not look as white as you would like for them to, or they have a crack or are slightly misshapen, a veneer can be the right solution for you. Veneers are an addition to your tooth that allows you to have the appearance of a perfect tooth. They are similar to a crown in that something is being added to your tooth, but different in that the addition is just to the face of your tooth.

To go through the procedure, first an impression of your mouth will need to be made to construct a veneer that will fit in with your smile. Next, some of the surface structure of your tooth will be removed. You will be given local anesthesia before this procedure. Once your tooth is prepared, a veneer is added to your tooth that is colored to match the teeth surrounding it. If you are having veneers put on all your teeth for cosmetic purposes, you can choose the color of the veneer that is being added to your smile. The entire procedure can be finished in an afternoon, once the veneer is prepared.


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When Do You Need Porcelain Veneers?

The main purpose of a veneer is to offer protection to your tooth from further damage, as well as to provide additional strength when using your teeth. Of course, the majority of patients get veneers for cosmetic reasons. If you have a healthy tooth that is slightly misshapen or discolored, the veneer will allow you to have a smile that looks perfect. If your teeth are naturally a yellow color, getting veneers will help to eliminate the look of someone who does not brush their teeth.

The Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are made of porcelain or a resin-based composite. You can choose the one that is going to be the most cost effective or that will provide you with the look you want. Once your veneers are in place, you can treat them just like you do the rest of your teeth. With the right care and attention, these additions to your smile will allow you to enjoy health and confidence for years to come.


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Improving your smile with veneers is easy with Dr. Darren Flowers in Anthem, Ariz. He has everything he needs to complete the procedure right in his office. Having graduated in 1995 and servicing Anthem since 2002, his experience speaks for itself. He has been providing patients with veneers, crowns, bridges and many other dental procedures with great success over the years. His experience means you can have the veneers you want without worrying about how they will look. Specializing in cosmetic and family dentistry, Dr. Darren Flowers is just as concerned about you having a healthy and beautiful smile as you are. He will be there to explain and walk you through the entire procedure. His helpful and friendly staff will assist in making sure your veneers will look perfect.

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More Info on Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers refer to customized and wafer-thin shells made of tooth-colored materials. This works in improving your look by covering the front surface of your teeth. A good dentist will bond these veneers into the front part of your teeth, which is a huge help in positively changing their size, shape, color and length. An advantage of the porcelain material used in the veneer is that it is capable of resisting stains and mimicking the light, which reflects the properties comprising your natural teeth. Among the people who can greatly benefit from the use of porcelain veneers are the following:

  • Patients with discolored teeth due to stains or root canal treatment
  • Patients with worn down teeth
  • Patients with teeth that are either chipped or broken
  • Patients whose teeth are irregularly shaped, uneven or misaligned
  • Patients with noticeable dental gaps

Proven Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

1. Supports Durability and Strength

The primary component of porcelain veneer is a highly durable porcelain material. This means that patients do not have to worry about being unable to enjoy their food or face difficulty smiling or talking to anyone.

2. Natural Looking

The tooth enamel and the porcelain material are both translucent and white. This means that both of them can respond to light similarly. Light tends to go inside them while the layer beneath them reflects the light back. Because of their similar reaction to light, adding porcelain veneers can help in making your smile look natural.

3. Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of porcelain veneers to users is that one can easily take care of it. There are no special considerations or instructions when it comes to caring for it. All that it takes to take care of the veneers is to brush and floss them regularly.

4. Long-Lasting

The veneers can be expected to last for ten to fifteen years. There are even those that can last for a lifetime with the right upkeep. Most dentists who provide this solution are also capable of providing detailed aftercare instructions. This boosts your knowledge about how to increase the life of your veneers.

5. Guarantees a Fast and Simple Procedure

The placement of porcelain veneers undergoes a fast and simple procedure. It is even possible to complete it within two sessions. The procedure also involves minimal stress and discomfort that a patient can easily tolerate. This makes the completion of the process less than complicated.

6. No Recovery Period

After the completion of the process, it is possible to carry on with your regular daily activities. It does not require patients to stay at home for a specified period to recover. Patients are even allowed to eat what they want right away.

7. Enhanced Confidence

Porcelain veneers play a significant role in improving your smile. These solutions can make you feel and look beautiful. This builds up your confidence, which is a huge help in boosting the quality of your life.


Choosing to apply porcelain veneers to improve the beauty of your teeth and smile is crucial to enhancing your dental health and confidence. Just make sure to look for an experienced and reliable dentist who can expertly complete the procedure. An expert dentist can offer an assurance that the placement of the veneers will be safe, successful and effective.

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