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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist in Anthem, AZ

smile-kidPediatric dentistry refers to a specific dental field that specializes in enhancing a child’s dental health. This provides help to infants, toddlers and teenagers who have dental problems that require immediate correction. Well-trained pediatric dentists are dental professionals who fully understand the unique dental requirements and mouth structure of children. Although their training is a bit similar to the one attended by a typical dentist, note that pediatric dentists also received training about the different solutions that they can use in making the visits of young patients less than traumatic.

Different Procedures Performed in Pediatric Dentistry

1. Regular Dental Checkup

Also known as regular dental cleaning, dental checkups monitor the dental health of children with an aim of immediately preventing oral and dental diseases. Remember that your children require cleaning semi-annually in order to maintain the excellence of their teeth and oral health. The procedure encompasses the removal of plaque and tartar. The pediatric dentist will also assess the condition of a child’s teeth to determine if cavities or other severe diseases are present. Regular checkups can also provide information about how a child can properly brush his/her teeth.

2. Pulpotomy

This refers to a root canal therapy designed for the primary tooth. It involves sterilizing nerve tissues in the tooth in case the dentist detects deep cavities and invasion of bacteria in its nerve tissues. The sterilization is helpful in preventing abscess and infections. After the removal of decay, your chosen dentist for your child will open the nerve chamber. Removal of the affected tissue will follow. The pediatric dentist will also use drugs useful in sterilizing remaining tissues to guarantee the annihilation of microscopic bacteria remnants. A filling material is also used by a dentist as a means of closing the nerve chamber and ensuring a proper seal. The procedure ends by placing a crown into the affected tooth as a means of maintaining its structural integrity.

3. Crowns

Crowns frequently used for baby teeth are those that are made of stainless steel and silver. It is necessary for a dentist to use white crowns on the front part of a child’s teeth. Crowns made of stainless steel are also beneficial because these are valuable in temporarily saving a primary tooth until the final treatment of the permanent tooth. Crowns are essential in preventing the breakdown of dental tissues and secondary tooth decay.

4. Extraction

Petite fille contenteTooth extraction for children is necessary in case the dentist can no longer save a broken tooth. Make sure that your dentist is capable of filling the resulting teeth gap following the extraction. Remember that leaving a gap or open space might result to severe complications such as the shifting of gap. This results to the need of a space maintainer in case a child has a premature loss of his primary tooth. This instrument is extremely useful during the early phases of jaw development and correct speech development. It is also a huge help in preserving the correct space inside your child’s mouth, which supports the emergence of permanent teeth.

5. Sealant

Dental experts recommend placing sealants into children in the event that their first and second permanent molars emerge. The good thing about this procedure is that it is child-friendly. It does not involve the use of invasive measures and anesthetic. Baby teeth might also need sealants basing upon their structure.

Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

It should be noted that pediatric dentistry is such an important field because it encompasses more than just regularly cleaning teeth. Experts in the field offer advices to parents whose children cannot seem to stop their unwanted habits such as the use of pacifier and thumb sucking. Pediatric dentists are also around to help in treating dental injuries such as chipped teeth. They offer fluoride treatments and solutions for dental cavities, gum diseases and mouth infections.

Above all, dental professionals in the field of pediatric dentistry can also teach children about the basics of properly taking care of their teeth through proper nutrition, flossing and brushing. This is a great start in setting a lifetime of excellent dental and oral hygiene.

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