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Benefits of Using Inlays

porcelain inlays Inlays refer to indirect fillings or restoration composed of solid substances like porcelain, gold and cured composite resin. A dentist will fit this inlay into a tooth cavity and cement it into place. There are instances when your dentist will plan the restoration of your problematic tooth using intracoronal restoration. However, this will not be enough if your teeth has extensive fracture and decay. It is because the direct restoration might only result to compromising your restored tooth’s structural integrity. In this cases, the use of indirect porcelain or gold inlay restoration is beneficial.

Types of Inlays

1. Porcelain Inlay

This is one of the most sought after inlays at present because aside from being aesthetically pleasing, various colors designed to match the natural color of your tooth are available. It is also durable, hard and resists stain.

2. Gold Inlay

Gold is one of the best materials for the inlay. However, because many desire to use a material which matches the natural look of their teeth, the popularity of gold inlay has decreased in the past few years. Still, there are benefits to using it to restore your teeth. Among these are their ability to offer complete restoration and high level of strength. It is also tough, durable and resistant to wear.

3. Composite Inlay

An advantage of this type is that the process of installing it in your problematic tooth can be completed within just one visit. It is also affordable, causes less wear and does not put a lot of stress and pressure into your tooth.


Benefits of Inlays

1. Provides the Right Fit

For those whose tooth has minimal damage due to breaks or cavities, the inlays can provide the right fit for an efficient dental restoration. This dental problem solution also provides enough space between your teeth to support ease in flossing.

2. Long Lasting Color

The materials used in an inlay usually work in maintaining its color for a long time. This is beneficial for those who wish to avoid spending a lot of money over constant replacements.

3. Protects the Structure of your Teeth

Inlays are also effective in protecting the structure of your teeth. These are effective in preserving their good health while also restoring damaged or decayed areas. This guarantees functional longevity. It also strengthens the structure of your teeth. It preserves their strong parts and prevents the damaged and decayed parts from spreading.

4. Lasts Long

An inlay also uses materials that can last for a long time. There are even those that can be used for up to thirty years. The ability of this dental solution to last for a long time is beneficial for those people who wish to avoid the constant replacements that usually come with crowns and fillings.

5. Offers Solutions for Cavities

If there are cavities between your teeth, then using an inlay is better than using a direct composite filling. It helps in sealing your teeth to prevent bacteria from entering. It is easy to clean, offers impressive longevity and resists stain.

Sexy and beauty

If you are interested about getting an inlay, then consider seeking the help of dental experts like Dr. Darren L. Flowers. Dr. Flowers and his team focus on providing patients with the most convenient experience when they are in their clinic. His clinic has all the materials needed for the successful application of your chosen inlay. This results to restoring your teeth quickly.

Flowers Dentistry - Inlays  in Anthem, AZ
Flowers Dentistry - Inlays in Anthem, AZ

Are you looking for Inlays in Anthem AZ? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Inlays . Dr. Flowers does amazing Inlays.

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