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General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Anthem, Arizona

dentist_dental_tools_scalpelGeneral dentistry has a wide coverage. It covers procedures including initial dental consultations and diagnostics. Few examples of these are x-rays, wax molds for teeth replacement and CAT scans. A dental professional specializing in general dentistry will use various methods like x-rays and tests to identify problems in your teeth prior to providing treatments. A general dentist is also someone whose main concern is to take care and maintain the good dental health of his patients. This dental professional specializes on offering services that focus on preventative care and restorative treatments.

Preventative dental care provided by most general dentists includes six checkups conducted monthly and dental cleanings. There are also general dentists who offer cosmetic dental procedures. These procedures aim to improve the look of your smile and teeth. The execution of the procedures is usually for the purpose of enhancing a person’s look.

Commonly Offered General Dentistry Services

1. Dental Cleaning

This involves setting a cleaning appointment with your general dentist. The session involves a dental exam, plaque and tartar removal and gentle teeth polishing. This is extremely necessary in sustaining excellent dental health. Regular dental cleanings are also beneficial in identifying dental problems, at the earliest possible time while also getting rid of harmful substances that often result to serious periodontal diseases.

2. Root Planing and Scaling

This general dentistry procedure is ideal for patients with a periodontal disease. This is an illness which affects the jawbones and gums that offer adequate support to your teeth. Root planing and scaling refer to a procedure which helps in deeply cleaning the areas surrounding your teeth as a means of regulating your periodontal disease. Because it requires extensive cleaning, your dental appointment is frequently conducted based on every side of your mouth. This means a complete mouth treatment requires two sessions or appointments.

3. Periodontal Treatment

Gum or periodontal disease is actually a bacterial infection affecting your jawbone and gum tissues. This causes your gum tissues to swell and bleed. It also results to dissolving your jawbone. Your chosen general dentist can help in treating this problem. Note that the treatments suitable for this disease are dependent upon the severity of your problem. To find the right treatment, expect your dentist to perform a thorough evaluation of your case.


4. Fillings

Tooth fillings are naturally created with the help of a composite resin. Your dentist will place this material into the holes at the back and front part of your teeth. The good thing about these fillings is that these are now available in various colors, so it is possible to ask your dentist to customize yours in order to match the natural color of your teeth

5. Root Canal Treatment

Another vital procedure executed in the field of general dentistry is root canal treatment. This refers to a procedure conducted in case of infections affecting the pulp or tissue inside a tooth. The treatment is ideal for patients whose teeth nerves experience trauma or decay. It involves removing the soft tissue within the affected tooth. The treatment session also involves cleaning your root canal and filling it using a unique filling material. This material acts as the cork of your tooth, which helps in avoiding bacteria that might trigger further damage.

Aside from the mentioned procedures and treatments above, your general dentist can perform other services designed to improve the structure and health of your teeth. General dentistry covers treatments and procedures useful in the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity diseases and maintaining the proper functioning and good appearance of your teeth. This makes it extremely necessary to visit a dental professional specializing in this field on a regular basis.

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