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Emergency Dentist Anthem

Emergency Dentist in Anthem, Arizona

Dental emergencies usually take place at the most inconvenient times. Those who wish to take good care of their dental health should prepare for this emergency. It takes some time and thought to determine if an emergency dentist is already needed, but being aware of what you should do before it strikes is helpful in saving a tooth.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call us now at (623) 551-8000!


The following are just few of the instances when getting the help of an emergency dentist in Anthem is extremely valuable:

1. Toothaches

toothacheSuffering from toothaches in the most inconvenient time, such as when it is already midnight or the wee hours of the morning, can be very devastating. It is crucial to use warm water to rinse your mouth thoroughly prior to visiting your dentist. A dental floss is also useful in removing lodged food. Applying a cold compress into the outer part of your cheek or mouth is also valuable in case your mouth gets swollen. Make sure to see an emergency dentist right after noticing that the pain does not seem to subside.

2. Problems when Using your Retainers or Braces

If the wires used for these dental products cause irritation, then the best thing to do is to use a cotton ball or beeswax to cover the end. Make sure to do this until you reach the clinic of your chosen emergency dentist in Anthem. Avoid attempting to remove the wire in case it gets stuck into your gum tissue, tongue or cheek. Let your dentist check the problem to guarantee the proper fix.

3. Knocked Out Tooth

A good dentist can put back a knocked out tooth especially if it is a permanent or adult one. Just make sure to act quickly on the problem. Remember that putting back the affected tooth within ten minutes increases its chances of restoring its root. However, being unable to put it back after two hours is already problematic. Make sure that your chosen emergency dentist is very close to your place so you can immediately reach him in case this happens.


4. Tooth Fracture

This problem usually affects the root, crown or both. Tooth fractures may also be either with or without pulp exposure. Fractures restricted to tiny amounts of insensitive dentine and enamel might not need instant treatment, but make sure to ask your dentist to check it anytime soon. Fractures that tend to expose your pulp are frequently painful. This is the reason why timely referral to a dentist is recommended. A wise tip is to keep tooth fragments hydrated to increase the possibility of reattaching them. Immediately visiting your dentist is also a must since this problem usually needs a definitive treatment such as extraction and root canal therapy.

5. Avulsed Teeth

This dental emergency is one of those problems that instantly need the help of an emergency dentist. The most preferred treatment for this would be immediate on-scene re-implantation so make sure to take action immediately. For tooth which receives visible contamination, make sure to rinse it gently using cold running tap water before the re-implantation. It is also advisable to avoid rubbing, cleaning or touching the root since this might take out periodontal ligament fibers. This decreases the chances of getting a successful re-implantation. Seeing your dentist right away is also necessary in preventing antibiotic prophylaxis and splinting.

Finding the Best Emergency Dentist in Anthem

When searching for the best emergency dentist in Anthem, make sure to choose someone who is available to help you anytime. Your chosen dental professional should be someone who is accessible even on weekends and late after office hours. This is necessary in immediately getting his help in case you need him to fix an emergency dental issue.

It is also advisable to determine if your dentist is also someone whom you can easily deal with. Avoid emergency dentists who are most likely to make you feel uncomfortable when undergoing a dental emergency procedure. Finding a dental professional who offers your most preferred payment option also supports ease in getting his services without any problems.

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