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Digital X Rays

Digital X-rays and their Importance in a Dental Office 

digital-xrayDigital x-ray is one of the most vital tools in a dental office because it works in detecting decay within a tooth and facial and jawbone problems. The use of digital x-rays is also beneficial for children because the tool is effective in monitoring teeth development, especially those that have not yet appeared. The good thing about using digital technology in x-rays is that it does not require a film. It uses a tiny sensor directly positioned into your mouth as a means of capturing images. A lot of people choose to undergo this procedure because it is more comfortable than other techniques. The level of comfort is high even if the dentist requires to capture images at various angles. The results will be immediately displayed in a computer, after taking each x-ray.

Types of Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays come in two primary types. The first one is the intra-oral x-ray, which provides detailed information about the health of your teeth. When your dentist uses this procedure, expect him to be able to detect your cavities. This form of digital x-ray is also useful in assessing the health of your tooth root as well as the bones surrounding it. It checks the condition of your developing teeth while also monitoring the overall health of your jawbones and teeth.

digital-xray2The second type of dental x-ray, which uses digital technology, is the extra-oral x-ray. While this is effective in showing your teeth, remember that it mainly focuses on checking your skull and jaw. It should be noted that this x-ray is incapable of providing the details supplied by intra-oral x-rays. This means that this is not a perfect solution for patients who wish to spot cavities or determine if their individual teeth already have problems.

What the extra-oral x-ray do is determine if you have impacted tooth. It is also useful in monitoring the development and growth of your jaws, and if this development is appropriate enough for your teeth and overall dental health. It also works in identifying potential issues between your jaws, teeth and facial bones and in detecting TMJ disorders.

Advantages of Digital Dental X-rays

1. Provides High Quality of Care

What makes the process of using digital technology for dental x-rays beneficial is it provides the highest level and quality of care. It is because it minimizes radiation exposure by more than seventy-five percent.

2. Enhances or Enlarges Images

A digital dental x-ray system allows dentists to control exposure of images in real-time. This results to enlarging the images or making enhancements into them. This makes it easy to spot oral and dental diseases and check the present state of your teeth.

3. Allows a Dentist to Take Immediate Action

Digital x-rays show clear images that help dentists in instantly detecting problems, in your dental and oral health. This supports the detection of decays in between teeth and under a filling. It also detects cracks and other forms of damage inside a filling, alerts your dentist about potential bone loss and shows tooth root problems like death of a nerve or infections. This can benefit dentists who wish to develop the best treatment plan for their patients including the preparation and placement of braces, dentures and dental implants.

image of Digital X Ray

Other benefits of digital x-rays include substantial savings in time, improved productivity, ease of sharing the images to other dental practitioners and ease of operation. For those who are searching for a dental professional who is proficient in using the digital x-ray to detect problems in their teeth, then Dr. Darren L. Flowers is probably the best one for them.

He is a licensed dentist who can offer his patients with the highest level of comfort when staying in his clinic. Dr. Flowers along with his staff can proficiently use digital technology for dental x-rays. This guarantees the quick detection and accurate diagnosis of your dental problems.

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