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Dental Fillings

Prevent Further Decay and Fracturing with Fillings

sealantEveryone who has been to a dentist for at least the last century has heard of dental fillings. This is a procedure in which extensive decay or further damage to your teeth can be prevented simply by replacing some of the tooth with a filling. This procedure is normally used specifically for teeth suffering from a mild degree of decay or cracking.

In order to keep the tooth healthy, the affected structure of the tooth is removed with a drill. After the structure is removed, the tooth needs to be protected, or it will simply decay further. Silver amalgam used to be the best choice for fillings, but left teeth that were easy to spot as having fillings. Modern composites have been created to help the tooth appear as if it has never been filled in the first place. Once the tooth is filled, proper oral hygiene should help the tooth to remain intact for years to come.

Why You Need Fillings

Fillings are a normal part of dentistry because adding one is a mildly invasive procedure that can help to prevent additional decay, rot and pain in the patient. Thanks to the use of either silver amalgam or dental composites, your teeth will remain whole and can function much the same as a natural tooth would. Thanks to the fillings, sensitive nerves will be less exposed, and it will be a lot easier to chew your food without food getting stuck in the decayed or cracked section of your tooth.

Benefits of Getting Fillings

Before and after dental treatment - beforeafter series.Fillings are easy to undergo because local anesthesia is all you need to prevent the pain. It is a fast and effective procedure that can be completed in the same office visit as the initial diagnosis that you will need a filling. Because it is such a normal part of the dentist’s repertoire, you can have a filling completed with minimal discomfort. Thanks to the new dental composites that can be used for your fillings, it is even possible for your teeth to look as if they have never received a filling.

Get Your Fillings from Dr. Darren Flowers in Anthem

Dr. Darren Flowers in Anthem, Ariz., and his friendly staff are ready to help you with your next filling. His offices are designed to put you completely at ease while going through this less-than-comfortable dental procedure. You are provided local anesthesia and a comforting environment to make it easier to go through the process. Dr. Darren Flowers has been working in the dental industry since 1995 and has been servicing the Anthem, Ariz., community since 2002. His experience and professionalism mean you are going to get the best filling. Trust in Dr. Flowers and his professional staff to provide you with the utmost in care and comfort as you are going through dental procedure. Family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are specialties of Dr. Darren Flowers, so you can trust him for fillings as well as bridges, crowns and even implants when you discover you need them.

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