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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Anthem, Arizona

CrownsIf you have a tooth that is cracked, broken or severely decayed, just having a filling will not fix the problem. If the tooth does not need to be removed, you can still restore your healthy smile with a crown.

This is a procedure in which the original tooth is ground down by removing some of the external surface structure of the tooth. You are given numbing agents while this part of the procedure is going on to assure you will feel as little pain as possible. Once the tooth is prepared, the crown is fabricated to look like the old tooth. It is made based on an impression made before the tooth is prepared. During the fabrication process, the gums are allowed to heal so the crown can be put in place. Finally, the crown is cemented into place and can provide you with the look of a real tooth for the rest of your life, if properly cared for.

Those who have had dental implants or root canals will most likely have a crown installed. These crowns can be made either out of gold, or porcelain with a gold base for strength, or, thanks to modern technology, they can be made entirely from porcelain. When a crown made from porcelain is in place, it will appear as if there was never a problem.

Why You Need Dental Crowns

Chipped, cracked or decayed teeth can cause bone decay in the jaw, can affect the teeth around it and can cause severe halitosis. If the tooth is not fitted with a crown as soon as possible, it may need to be removed instead. Not only does placing a crown on the affected tooth help to improve your smile, but it assures that your overall oral health is protected.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

When a crown is installed, you are able to have the appearance of a complete smile. Whether your tooth has been cracked, broken, is decaying or has been filled with a root canal, a crown makes sure that the tooth has a natural and complete appearance. You are able to use your teeth as you normally would to make chewing easier as well as to help with your overall oral health. Because you have several options, you can even customize your smile with your crown.

Get Your Crown from Darren Flowers DMD

dental-crowns-2Getting a crown is nothing to be taken lightly, which is why you should consider Dr. Darren Flowers. As a professional dentist in Anthem, Arizona, Dr. Flowers has been providing crowns for people just like you since 2002. His experience in his field means you will have a great looking smile that will last for years to come. Trust in Dr. Darren Flowers and his entire staff to provide you with the kind of attention and service you deserve when getting a crown or going through any dental procedure. Specializing in family and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Darren Flowers is the right choice for all your dental needs, including dental crowns in Anthem, AZ.

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